Do Not Consider Yourself Alone Or Helpless

Neil Vermillion —  August 2, 2017 — Leave a comment

As you step out in faith, following the move of the inspiration of my spirit, I will continue to not only supply you with the strength and fuel to endeavor and continue, but also the continual direction and adjustments needed along the way. I will not give you fuel, and withhold the guidance you need, for surely in this world you will require adjustment – sometimes on a daily basis. In my foreknowledge and planning do not think I have not allowed for this, or that I would ever neglect you in this manner.

For I see your need before you ever perceive it yourself. And with this, I am ready and able to meet you and guide you in your time of trouble and desperation. I will guide you and give you the answers you need. I will give you, not just additional quantity of information, but will also supply you with the much-needed depth of understanding in order to allow you to truly possess and command what I have given you.

I will allow you to discern the full context of the revelation given you, so you will be able to not only receive it, but to understand it and apply it too. I will give detailed capacity to explain and communicate to others, for in doing so you will be able to share what I have given you with those around you, functioning as my messenger in this time of great need. Do not be apprehensive; do not disqualify yourself; do not see yourself as small, or incompetent. Understand what I have given you, but also understand who I am.

For we are together in all things, and I am working with you, and working through you, in order to see all these things accomplished. So do not consider yourself alone, or helpless. Even though there is struggle, delay, and difficulty along the way, there is also hope, joy, and fellowship too. You are not alone, not only in concept, but in reality. In all things I am with you, and always will be. So do not let your heart be troubled, but trust in me. Trust in who I am, as well as my great plans for you, particularly in the times when you need me the most, but feel my presence, and perceive my involvement, the least.

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