I Am Not Easily Explained

Neil Vermillion —  June 29, 2016 —  Comments

As you continue to seek me you will continue to find me. You will find me in every area you need me. You will find me in every area you are desperate enough to exert yourself. You will even find me in the areas in which you do not believe I exist. And as you continue to find me, and discover my ways again and again, you will be surprised, for my fingerprints are everywhere. My signature is everywhere. My calling card is in every sphere, in every realm, in every time, and in every season. So surely as you look for me you will find me, and as you do you will be both delighted and surprised day after day.

For you have considered me to be limited. In your mind you have presumed there are realms in which I do not inhabit. You have presumed there are things I do not know. You have presumed there are ideas, notions, concepts that are new and foreign to me. But these things are not true, and as you continue to seek me you will find me. And as you find me you will discover more and more about me. And as you do, you will be surprised and delighted. You will be challenged. You will be overwhelmed. You will be inspired, and you will be confounded too.

For as you discover who I am you will not be able to keep quiet. Once you have tasted you will not be able to be satisfied with another. Once you have seen and experienced the aspects of my glory you will not be satisfied with a substitute, not matter how grand or glorious it may appear initially. As you learn of me, and experience who I am, you will become more and more amazed, delighted, and curious and will desire to seek me more and more.

I will be your greatest, most worthy pursuit, and all other things will pale in comparison. All other pursuits will seem trivial in comparison to knowing me and who I am. And this will inspire you, but it will also perplex you, for I am not limited as you have presumed. I am not absent. I am not weak. I am not common or easily explained.

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