Do Not Fear The Unknown

Neil Vermillion —  January 11, 2018 — Leave a comment

I have set you in motion already, so do not be afraid of what appears to be a free fall. Do not be worried, nor fearful of what is unknown. For though you do not know the path, nor the fullness of the destination, you know your leader. You know your pilot, the one navigating your trail and path. You know me in this regard, so place your trust in me in the days of uncertainty.

There will be many days in which you will encounter what is unknown to you, but trust in my hand, and trust in my heart, for I am guiding you and speaking to you, bringing you into the realization of the fullness afforded you already. In this course, do not think it strange as you encounter mystery, surprises, what is unknown, or that which has not been pre-known. Do not be alarmed, nor unnerved, for though these things are uncertain to you, they are complete, certain, and settled to me.

Embrace the difficult, and the unknown. Embrace the void, and the lack of structure. < href="">Embrace the ambiguity, and the formlessness. For though these are uncertain and relatively unknown they will give way to greater experience, greater encounter, and greater understanding. I will move you into these things, and through these things, but I will also move these things in you, and through you as well. They are, and will be, part of your path and journey, so do not think it strange or incorrect.

Do not consider it an error when you encounter the fog and haziness within your environment, but know these things will come, and everything will be more than alright in spite of all that remains unanswered, and still remains uncertain.

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