Do Not Be Quick To Resist Me

Neil Vermillion —  December 27, 2016 — Leave a comment

You think you are following me and my will, yet you do not listen to me, you do not heed my guidance or direction. You have a plan of action, but it was not birthed by me. You have goals, and milestones in your vision, but these we conceived by your own desires, and were not given you by me. So look to the horizon, and allow me to speak to you in the skies. Allow me to refocus your vision past your present gaze. Begin to cast your vision to what I have for you, rather than what you want and desire, and what makes sense to you.

For not only are my ways not the same as your ways, but so also my timing is not the same as your timing. I will work you in a roundabout manner that will not always be comprehensible in the moment of its detection. I will work process within your heart that will be so slow in moving you will not perceive any movement or growth whatsoever. I will move you so gradually and incrementally you will not be able to measure it.

But I will also teach you and train in many facets all at once. I will also move you more rapidly than you feel is appropriate too. I will also drive you forward in times when you want to stay exactly where you are. For I know who you are, even better than you know yourself. And I know your destiny, even better than you, and so much better than you think I do.

But I am also a master of timing too. For not only do I know who you are, and where you are going, but I also know the point at which you will arrive. I know all too well the pace at which you advance. I know your strength and your supply. I know your capacity for work and for rest. I know your desires and propensity for diversions and distractions. And it is with all of these things being given full consideration I am guiding you in the most effective, most efficient, most righteous and excellent manner possible.

So as you perceive my presence adjusting your circumstances do not resist me. When you perceive my involvement in ways you are not inclined to adopt, do not be quick to resist me. When you notice tweaks and modifications to your circumstances, favor, or resources, do not be quick to curse, but be quick to adopt these changes. Understand my governance in your life, and allow me to guide you more fully through revelation and understanding.

For I have called you friends, and friends have the privilege of knowing details, walking and abiding in, not only obedience, but in understanding birthed from fellowship too. So do not resist my involvement and activity in your life, but instead embrace it. Embrace the momentary inconvenience presented before you, knowing and trusting it will work out for you in a manner that is even better than you had previously mapped out for yourself. Embrace the temporary detour on your path to wealth, happiness, and success, and allow me to move you in a more righteous, more excellent, more lovely direction. For in doing so, not only will you grow and increase in your reward, but you will enjoy the process immensely too.

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