Do Not Stress, Worry, Or Fear

Neil Vermillion —  August 23, 2017 —  Comments

Do not over think things so much. Do not stress. Do not worry. Do not fear (1). Walk with me in faith, knowing just as I love others, so also I love you too (2). I know in your heart and in your mind you fully realize and believe how much I love other people, but sometimes you do not believe it is true for you. You feel other people have a special quality you do not possess and therefore deserve my love differently than you do. But let me assure you this is untrue. This understanding is a deception and deviation because the reality is I love you as much as I have ever loved anyone (3).

I know you have worries and concerns. I know you have doubts about the future, and doubts you have heard my voice correctly. I know you have insecurities that cause you to fear, thinking perhaps I will give up on you and abandon what I have stated to you already. Trust in my plans for you, even though you do not know how they are going to turn out for you in these upcoming weeks. Trust in me, in my words, in my character, in my nature.

Allow me to remind you of my words. Allow me to remind you of my promises, and my character. You doubt me, because you doubt yourself. You know you are limited, having only a finite capacity to perform. You doubt yourself because you have failed, made mistakes, and given up, and so with this in mind, you project these qualities on to me too. But let me assure you I am not like you (4). I am perfect in all my ways (5). I am true and powerful. I do not lie (6), nor make mistakes. I do not give up, nor abandon the good works I’ve already started within you (7). I do not turn my back on my children, especially when they need me. I do not play favorites, loving some more than others (8).

Because you doubt, let me kiss you gently with my lips. Because you are scared let me assure you with my loving embrace. Because you fear today and tomorrow, let me whisper in your ear all the wonderful truths you need to hear. Let me remind you the intimate details you need to hear, but have forgotten. Let me be your God, but also your friend, your lover, your shepherd, and your teacher. Let me be what you need in this moment, for I see your dilemma, and acknowledge the need is real.

Come to me, and allow me to minister my spirit to you. I will be all you need, and even more than you could ask or imagine. Do not hesitate. Do not stress. Do not worry. Do not fear.

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