Do Not Underestimate My Mystery

Neil Vermillion —  May 8, 2017 — Leave a comment

Because you love imperfectly you presume I do too. Because you are forgetful and negligent, you presume I am as well. Because you are limited, and you grow tired, you presume I am limited, and that I grow tired. But let me assure you I do not. I never grow tired of you. I never become bored with you. I never forget about you, nor the things that matter most to you. I love you perfectly, just as I always have, and just as I always will.

So rest in this fact, for it is far too lofty for you to fully digest all at once. Rest in me, and in who I am. Rest in the demonstration of my great love for you. Rest in my reputation, as you have come to know me over the years, as you have heard of my great exploits, and as you have experienced within your own heart.

Rest in me, and let go of your former way of feeling, thinking, and believing. For I have given you new life, as my new creation. The old order of things has been done away with, so with this in mind, rest in me, and trust in me in all things, for in doing so you will learn to abide in joy as you experience all I have for you.

Allow me to truly and intimately reveal who I really am to you, so you no longer follow the rumors and the hearsay of collective conversations. Instead you will come to know me in truth, and in deed. You will come to know me in all my glory, in all my detail, and in all my majesty, for I have gone to great lengths to open myself up to you, and make a way for you to know me without hindrance.

I have removed the inhibitions and have not only invited you in, but have welcomed you, sitting you at my side, in a place and position of great honor. And I do so because I love you. I do so because you are the object of my great and lasting affection. I do so because these are my plans for you, for you are my heart’s desire.

So walk with me in the cool of the evening, and lay the worries and cares of the day down to rest. Allow me to do the heavy lifting on your behalf, and let me open every door before you, today and tomorrow. For my gentleness will make you secure. My kindness will endear you to me. My provision will make you bold. My generosity will inspire you. My attention to detail will move your heart in such strong, as well as subtle, ways.

So even though you do not understand me fully, do not underestimate me. Though you do not comprehend all I say, or why I work in your present circumstances the way I do, do not underestimate me, or my great love for you. In this way I am mysterious, as we dance together in the warmth and quietness of our embrace. In this way you will come to know me, and will realize I am more than you could ever possess, or fully apprehend – though you know me in part, already.

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