Do Not Wait Due To Lack

Neil Vermillion —  January 3, 2017 — Leave a comment

There are so many options and possibilities set before you this day. There is so much potential just waiting to be realized. There is another layer of understanding sitting before, so do not hesitate due to lack of knowledge or resource. For today is a day to begin to achieve. It’s a day to move in the direction I’ve set directly in front of you, the direction I have already called you to pursue. And as you move forward you will find what you are presently lacking will be added to you.

So do not wait due to lack of resources, for as you build and gain momentum you will also begin to acquire what you need. Do not wait due to lack of knowledge, for as you go through one experience after another you will acquire the knowledge you need. Do not wait due to lack of strategy, for the missing pieces to the strategy I have already given you will be added to you as you move forward. So initiate today with what I have given you already, knowing more will be added to you along the way.

Know and trust this is a time to walk in pursuit of the things I’ve called you to accomplish. This is a day to assess your circumstances and survey your environment, and take action. For I have placed zeal, resource, vision, understanding, strategy, and knowledge all at your feet, though you may not recognize them in their present state and condition. I have given you so much, even more than you know, so do not continue to hesitate, but step out of the boat as you hear my voice calling you.

Step out and watch yourself grow, build, accomplish, and learn. And in the process we will walk together and see the manifestation of the plans I have for you. And you will know me for I will reveal myself to you continually, as we walk together hand in hand.

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