Nothing In All Creation Will Ever Separate Us

Neil Vermillion —  May 15, 2017 —  Comments

As you continue to sit with me, know I am guiding you even further than you thought you would travel. Know I am the one inspiring you, opening up the understanding you need, illuminating the solutions to the problems of the day. And though you see mountains before you, trust in me for I will surely show you the path over those mountains. I will show you the path of understanding, and the path of ease. I will show you how to climb and progress, over, around, and through the mountains in your present path.

As I continue to speak, you will continue to not only hear me, but come to know me even better than you have before. I will not only speak to you about the matters at hand, but also the luxury and joy awaiting you in the fellowship of my presence. I will remind you of what I’ve said already, and will inspire you again with new and surprising delights. I will cause your heart to grow alive in knowledge, and your mind to awaken to my great mercy, love, and compassion. I will speak to you through paradoxes and oxymorons. I will highlight details easily overlooked. I will strike my hand at your feet, and you will see me daily, in the amazing as well as the mundane.

For you have taken what I have given you and have stewarded it well. You have run as far as you possible can, but now I will take your efforts and begin to multiply them, so you will no longer work so hard, stress so much, and rest and recreate so little. I will supply you with the opportunity to rise above your circumstances as you engage with my heart and with my spirit, and you will be encouraged and strengthened as you continue to grow, and learn, and mature.

For I have sought you since before you ever knew me, or knew of me. And yet, I am pursuing you still. I know you and I love you, and in all these things I have made my home with you, and within you. We will continue to walk together as we abide in the goodness of our unity and harmony together. For it is my good pleasure we are united in everything, having the confidence that nothing will ever separate us – nothing in all creation.

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