Observe And Appreciate The Peace Offered To You

Neil Vermillion —  May 27, 2016 —  Comments

In these times of growth and advancement do not be surprised at the stress you encounter. Though you experience pressure on all sides come to me and share your burden with me. For I will give you my perspective and I will show you the path of peace. The peace given by circumstances is temporary and shallow, but the peace I offer you transcends circumstances, and surpasses your understanding. In my peace you will be safe. You will endure. You will persevere. And not only will you finish, but you will enjoy the journey and the process too.

As you abide in my perfect peace, you will not look at hardships the same, for my peace will enable you to experience comfort even in the midst of great trials. My peace will save you. It will preserve you. It will keep you and protect your heart and mind, preventing you from giving up, or from making foolish, impatient decisions. So embrace the peace of my presence, for in doing so you will embrace my life for you.

You will thrive and excel as you continue to abide in my peace. Your heart will grow, and your creativity will flourish in the safety of my peace. You will be able to love well, and to do so generously without thought of being repaid. So continue to embrace the peace I offer you, and abide in it continually.

Do not choose duty over my comfort, for in this world you will experience hardships, but I have also overcome all these things, so in me you may have perfect peace. And though it confounds your mind, choose the comfort of my spirit. Do not choose the independent path, motivated by duty, striving, performance, or religion, but accept my loving kindness and the grace and mercy offered so freely, so generously to you.

Take this time now to absorb and appreciate the goodness I’ve lavished upon you already. Observe and appreciate the mercy given you day after day. Observe and appreciate the peace afforded to you. For in doing so you will embrace the path I have for you, the fruits I have for you, the joy I have for you as you discard the urgency of present pressures and reside in the peace of my presence and perfect, immeasurable love for you.

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