I Am The One You Can Trust

Neil Vermillion —  January 12, 2017 —  Comments

As you continue to listen to my voice I will continue to confirm my will for your life. I will speak to you clearly and you will hear me and have no doubt. I will address your cares, worries, and concerns, and will put your mind at ease concerning your present state, as well as your future. For I know you are weak. I know you grow tired. I know you are limited and are made but of dust, prone to wander, doubt, and give up at times.

So when you feel lost, feel tired, or feel as though you have misunderstood what I have previously said to you, come to me for confirmation. For I do not tire. I do not grow weary. I do not get frustrated, nor overwhelmed with you. I will speak to you kindly and gently, and will once again, confirm my will for you in your times of need. I will shine my light at your feet, so you will can clearly see the very next step to take. I will remind you of what I’ve promised, and will encourage you like no one else.

When you doubt what you have heard, when you feel as though you may have misunderstood, when it seems that things are just not quite right, come to me and I will affirm my will for your life. I will affirm my love for you. I will affirm my intentions and my plans, and your heart will be comforted, and your heart will be secure. I will confirm my will for your life and will do so in confidence, with security, so you will know I am The One You Can Trust.

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