Original Hope Will Sustain You

Neil Vermillion —  June 6, 2019 —  Comments

Just as there are new mercies for you day after day, so also is there new hope for you as well. When you find yourself at your limits, draw from me and I will sustain you. As you feel you are discouraged, draw from me and I will lift you up, for I am your source, and I am your light. (1)

I will continue to rekindle hope and joy within you. I will sustain you day after day. Even now, in this season, I am encouraging those who have been faithful to me over the years, and have continued to carry my burden, and have found themselves waiting even still. These are my Precious Ones needing to be reminded of my heart for them, and reminded of my plans for them, so I am reaching out and rekindling not the first love, but the original hope – the hope that sustains. (2)

It is easy to become weary in well doing because of the length of the time. It takes so long, and you are easily tired and distracted along the way. So as you find yourself beginning to give up hope, loosening your grip on the promises and visions I have placed before you, remember to come to me for I will refresh you and I will sustain you. (3)

The days ahead are days of maturity. The days soon coming will be difficult no doubt, but they will also be days of great splendor, days of great fulfillment, and days of great accomplishment and reward. With this perspective in the front of your mind continue to remain faithful. Do not give up too quickly, but hold strong to the promises I have spoken to you. Remember not only your first love, but also remember your original hope, that seed planted within you since before the beginning. (4)

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