I Am The Originator Of Every Good And Perfect Thing

Neil Vermillion —  July 31, 2017 — Leave a comment

Remain flexible in the moment, for though you have understanding and knowledge, there are so many things transpiring around about you simultaneously that is impossible for you to fully comprehend it all at once. And with this, acknowledge your dependency on me, and allow me to guide you moment by moment and adjust your present interpretation of where you are, and who you are. For just as you have presumptions and misunderstandings about who I am, so also you have presumptions and misunderstanding about who you are.

Let me speak to you, and reveal yourself to you. For as you see yourself more clearly in our union and fellowship together, you will begin to see the entire landscape of your reality very differently. As you begin to see yourself more closely to the way I see you, your heart will come alive with eager anticipation of what is yet to come, and relish in the events soon coming to pass.

But you will also allow me to guide you without opposition. For as I speak to you now, you disagree with me because you presume you know yourself better than I know you. And as a result, when I speak to you, instruct you, or guide you in directions that you don’t understand, or in directions you disagree with, you resist me. So allow me to give you revelation and insight about who you really are, so you will no longer operate from a distorted point of view, but will abide in congruence with the way I see you, the way you really are.

And in this congruence and agreement you will not only hear more, but you will receive and understand more too. For in your heart you will embrace, receive, and digest what I give you, rather than disregard, reject, or ignore what I am saying.

And in this moment I will express my love for you, even though you resist me. For my love for you has never been about your excellent performance or obedience, but has always been, and always will be, about who I am.

And in this revelation you will continue to find great comfort. For though you know it in your mind, over the course of years your heart will need to be refreshed in this truth, as the cares of this world, and the disappointments and surprises experienced along the way, begin to weigh you down in no small manner.

So drink from the cup of my liberation. For in me, you will know my truth, and will experience and express the total freedom I have for you. And in me you will find no lack, for I am the source and originator of every good and perfect thing.

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