Our Accomplishments Together

Neil Vermillion —  August 3, 2015 —  Comments

We are working together for one goal, one direction, one body, together in harmony though it does not always appear this way. And with this in mind, understand my leadership for you will ensure you arrive at the mark. You will hit the goal because I will lead you to that goal, for these are my plans for you.

So allow yourself to be free, not to feel the need to carry the heavy burden striving to figure everything out, and striving to make everything happen in your own strength. For these are my plans for you and I will make sure they are accomplished. For as you stay by my side, listening to my voice, following my leadership and my timing, I will make sure you arrive where you need to arrive, and will do so at the right time too.

For my plans for you are great. And there is much that has not yet been revealed to you. So don’t allow this to overwhelm you, or to worry you. Just trust, follow, and rest in my leadership, knowing all these things will be accomplished.

And while you continue to follow, while you continue to listen and obey, you will grow in your experience in me, but you will do so from a place of rest, not a place of striving. And while this will be paradoxical to your mind, it will be a welcome reward to your soul.

So remember I am in you, and are in me, and in all these things we will surely accomplish my will together.

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