Our Experiences Together

Neil Vermillion —  July 4, 2016 —  Comments

I know you feel tired at times. You feel weak and incapable with things in your life. I know the cares of this world often weigh you down. But allow me to encourage you to look past these things. Look past your present circumstances, as you look to the greater hope you have. For though you have walked with me you have only just begun. The potential still unrealized within you is so vast, so great, and still so much.

As you move forward and walk in the advancement under my guidance you will uncover and discover delight after delight. All the mysteries and unanswered questions set before you will draw you out of comfort zone, and usher you into a place of greater adventure, greater fulfillment, greater wonder. And as you continue to grow and stretch yourself, you will find the gifts I’ve placed within you are in perfect synchronization with the desires I’ve placed within you. You will see them all come to pass and manifest over the course of time in your life, as you move forward day after day, one step at a time.

And though you feel tired at times, allow me to renew your perspective. Allow me to speak to your heart and renew your inspiration. Allow me to breathe upon your circumstances and your heart, and you will be renewed again. And though you feel too small, and too old, and too unintelligent, too weak to make it all come to pass, allow me to guide you and reveal my plans for you. For I have made a way for you already. Though the way will be filled with very real, very difficult and costly challenges, you will make it. You will persevere and attain all the greatness I’ve placed inside you.

For these things are my good plans for you. This is my desire, to see you grow and flourish and thrive with all I’ve set before you. So trust in my leadership and trust in my process. Though you observe your own weakness and deficiencies, do not put your attention upon them, for my plans are greater than your weakness. My strength within you is greater than your limits and deficiencies. So do not allow yourself to be limited, but look past all your challenges, pressing towards the greater hope, and greater victory afforded to you already.

And in all these things you will also come to know me. In all these challenges, all these experiences you will not be alone, but we will walk through them hand in hand, side by side. For I am so much closer to you than you realize. I am so near you in every area and aspect of your life. Understand you have not been given these things to endure them alone, but that we would experience them together.

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