Our Time Spent Together

Neil Vermillion —  June 1, 2018 — Leave a comment

Walk with me in the cool of the evening, and allow yourself to discover the gentle and patient aspects of my essence. Walk with me when you have no urgent need, when you have time to spare, when you have no emergency to attend to, for as you do you will encounter and engage with a different aspect of who I am, as contrasted against engaging with me in times of emergency. I know you have very real and pressing matters, concerns, and responsibilities, but allow me to affirm to you how much I enjoy our time together even when there is no crisis in your life, and no urgent matter than needs to be addressed.

You will find in your time of rest, in your time spent with me with no ulterior motive, your heart will engage with me differently and your mind will understand me differently than in the experiences of your past when you sought me in the midst of urgency. You will find as you are relaxed, and not desperate, panicked, nor impatient you are able to receive the subtleties and nuance that transpire between us in our time together.

Do not neglect your responsibilities, nor neglect the things needing your attention, but also do not neglect our time together. For in this you will surely be not only enriched, but fulfilled, empowered, encouraged, and enlightened as well. Come away with me when you have spare moments. Come away with me, even if your time doing so is brief, and we will commune and fellowship in our secret place together. Come away with me, and I will whisper sweet nothings in your ear, and you will hear me, feel me, perceive me, and engage with me differently as you do. (1)

I will display my gentleness and my patience. I will display my light and my glory. I will display the warmth of my presence and all that is included in our relationship together. I will do so consistently, so you will experience my faithfulness. I will do so generously, so you will know my great extravagance. I will do so when you are tired, when you are weak, when you need a break, and will spill my love into every area of your life. Know our time together is not wasted, but is time well spent. Know as I speak to you it will affect not only your heart, but also your mind, and will set events into motion to change your experience of reality too.

Our time together may seem irrelevant at first, but as you engage with me, and see the fruit it bears, your heart will be assured and encouraged as hope, strength, and power continues to emerge, allowing you to enjoy every minute of all I have for you.

(1) Song of Solomon 2:10

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