Your Peace And Total Satisfaction

Neil Vermillion —  October 11, 2016 —  Comments

As you have seen my faithfulness in these recent days, know there is much more for you than you have seen already. Although you know me well already, still there is more for you. Although you have walked with me already, even still there is more to know. For I am far greater than you can fully understand, but do not let this cause you to fear or feel overwhelmed. For my heart for you is full of burning desire to remain united with you in perfect love in all things. So remain open to my spirit and allow me to guide you, encourage you, inspire you all your days and in all your ways. For you have only just begun to taste of my goodness towards you.

For I will reveal my heart to you in terribly intimate and personal ways. And you will come to know me so closely, so personally and your heart will be touched and will be revived and renewed. And the hurts and painful memories will lose their sting as we recline together in our embrace. For my great love will wipe away every tear from your eye and you will remember your pain no more.

And as we sit together in perfect fellowship we will continue to grow closer and closer than the day before. And the distractions that used to consume your attention and energy, the idols perpetually set before your eyes, and the vain imaginations that used to occupy your heart, will all be gently swept away, remembered no more. For in our union together purity will saturate your environment, and you will come to know me as I truly am.

You will see me without hindrance, without a veil, without obstruction. And as we abide together you will forget all that has disappointed you as you satiate yourself on the purity of my presence. All the cheap and worthless substitutes will no longer hold any allure or appeal and you will remain devoted to me in greater capacity than you ever thought possible. For as you taste of my goodness you will no longer be able to deviate, or return to the folly of past days.

You will become accustomed to me, and my ways, and my presence, and no other will be able to compare. And in the tenderness of my presence your heart will melt as you cast away all your concerns, worries, and stress. For in me you will find your perfect rest and perfect peace. So come away with me, My Beloved and allow me to shower you again and again with the affections of my heart. For you will dine with me in luxury, your heart will be full of joy, and all your days will be full of peace and total satisfaction.

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