Peeling Back Layers Of Confusion And Deception

Neil Vermillion —  July 12, 2017 —  Comments

Trust in my spirit as I begin to lead you into new realms, new ideas, new relationships, and new experiences. You have known me already, and now I am moving you to greater expressions of faith lying within you. I will require you to rely on me in new and different ways, so do not be confused as you experience interruptions to your traditions and routines. Do not be surprised as you come to notice a contrast to your daily habits in the counterpoint of what I am saying to you in this moment.

For you have known me, but I have more for you. You have known me sufficiently for the days past, but there is still so much more before you in this hour. Allow me to guide you as I move you outside the boundaries of traditions and conventions, and move you into realms of great growth, surprise, and mystery. There is a desire within you to know and to explore, and I am calling out to this desire, and awakening its activity and awareness. I am heightening your sensitivity to my involvement by challenging the status quo and accepting values at their (implied) face value.

I am leading you through experience, obstacles, and environments. I am leading you through fog and haze, so do not be alarmed as you notice chaos and confusion in your life, as though you have made an error along the way, or as if I have made a mistake in my navigation. But rest in me, and trust in my process for I am revealing myself to you in layers that will surprise you as you encounter the truth of who I really am, not the person or expression you previously presumed I was.

Do not be alarmed but remember. Remember me from the earliest point you possess in your recollection. Remember me from the most dramatic and impactful memory you have. Remember me from the days of your greatest significance, for in all these things I was with you, and these were substantial points of encounter and revelation of myself to you. Remember them and do not forget them. Do not discard them as though they never happened, and do not explain them away as if they were in significant. In your memory you will recall my undying faithfulness to you, so that you will no longer fear what is unknown.

As you recall my faithfulness and reliability you will not be startled as you begin to encounter uncertainty. You will not fear the environment nor the process, but will rely on me, and will do so without hesitancy or reluctance, but with eager anticipation, fueled by the zeal from the fire placed within you, kept alive from the flame of your memory.

I have been deliberate in preparing you, and even this day I remain deliberate in my stance before you. Do not waver; do not hesitate; do not entertain notions of unbelief, but trust in me as I continue to peel back the layers of confusion and deception, as I show you who I really am – particularly in the areas that contrast presumptions of who you thought me to be previously.

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