Perfect Harmony And Fellowship

Neil Vermillion —  July 10, 2017 —  Comments

As I continue to slow you down, do not resist me. For I am slowing your pace in order to preserve you, but also in order to instruct you. At times you advance too quickly, and walk in presumption, so I must slow you down in order to draw your attention to where you are, and to the tasks before you this day. I must bring your awareness off of tomorrow, off of your future, and bring you into observation of today. So do not resist the adjustment of your pace, for what I am doing within you is good, and will bless you greatly.

I am moving you out of presumption, and into realization. I am moving you out of your own desires that have clouded your vision, and distorted your hearing, and am planting you in the midst of calm, and solid revelation. Understand me when I draw you away from the noise and clatter of the day. Understand me when I interrupt the busyness of your day, in order to redirect your attention to the here and now.

For though you work hard, you move according to your own interpretation of my plans and desires for your life, and thus create a version of reality that is different than what I have for you. What I have for you is simple. Even though there are pockets of mystery, even through these things I will guide you as you will follow my voice and respond to my inspiration. Even in the confusion of paradoxes I will bring you through to the other side, and will do so not only graciously, but enjoyably too.

For my yoke is easy and my joy for you will be limited by no circumstances, by no limits, constructs, habits, or mindsets of this day. But rather you will learn to abide in me and with me in all circumstances, even in the midst of great confusion, turmoil, and upheaval. So savor the moments you encounter now, for they are yielding new fruit in new directions for you. I am pressing you, inspiring you, and shaking you out of the old, and in to the new things I have for you in this moment, this very day.

You desire to possess what is known, but I desire to move you past what is known and move you into what is still unknown. You desire security and predictability, but I will open your heart to trust in me so your need for predictability will no longer remain. You will no longer put your trust in what you can see with your eyes, and understand with your mind, and move you to the space of liberation in which you will comprehend my heart, nature, will, and plans, and thus will no longer need to control and micro-manage the events of your daily life.

Instead you will trust in the drive, the chauffeur, the shepherd, the One Who Loves you. You will no longer require validation and approval of others, but will rest in the security of knowing you are already secure, already having the approval you need and want. You will no longer seek comfort outside of yourself apart from me, for you will experience the greatest comfort you could ever imagine, and will do so consistently and perpetually as you listen to my voice, acknowledge my spirit, and abide with me in perfect harmony and fellowship.

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