My Perfect Love Drives Out Fear

Neil Vermillion —  May 26, 2017 — Leave a comment

Rest in, not your own ideas or strength, but in the knowledge and satisfaction of our relationship together. Rest in me, who I am, and all I have to offer. Rest in my character, my sentiments, my plans, and my great power. Rest in all you know of me, for what I have already revealed to you is great. Rest in what is a mystery to you, for the aspects you do not understand are also glorious, and beyond comprehension and measure. Rest in all I have made known to you, and rest in the fact you will never fully know me entirely. Rest in my promises, for my character is beyond reproach.

For in me all things are held together. In me you will know and understand the full spectrum of my plans for you, and my desires to dwell with you in perfect fellowship in all things. For you assume there is also a greater prize yet to be discovered and uncovered. You presume the mystery within me is somehow bad, evil, or ominous, simply because you cannot fully understand it. You presume my invitation to you is a mere joke or deception intended to lead you to your own destruction.

But all of these accusations stem from your lack of knowing me. You only suspect these things because you know me not. You entertain such notions only because you know me not. You consider it possible I would lie to you only because you know me not, and have not fully understood my nature, or my ways.

Allow me to entertain you. Allow me to be the center of your attention. Allow me to guide you, amaze you, startle you, and instruct you. For in doing so, you will encounter me and come to know me without hindrance, deception, or distortion. You will see me as I truly am, not as the ill descriptions birthed in folklore and immature imaginations. You will see me and know me as I truly am, and in this not only your heart will remain secure, but you entire being – past, present, and future.

For in me there is no doubt or fear. Fear has to do with torment, but my perfect love drives out fear, leaving nothing but pure joy, bliss, satisfaction, and security in all things.

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