Perfect Union And Harmony

Neil Vermillion —  June 15, 2016 —  Comments

For I have revealed myself to you already, and yet in so many ways you have not yet received me, yet I am with you still. In so many ways you ignore and deny me, yet I am with you no matter what. In so many ways you forget all I have told you, all I have given you, and you turn yourself away from me, but I am with you nevertheless, and always will be. So open your eyes today and drink from the fresh water of my fountain. Drink deeply of the love and union and fellowship we share together and forget your childish notions you conceived before you were awake.

Open your eyes so you may see and understand. Open your ears so you will listen and understand what you are hearing. Open your heart that I may speak to you plainly, without hints or riddles, but directly and clearly. Open your mind that I may reveal myself to you, and do so without misunderstanding. Let the knowledge and experience of me govern your life in every area. Surrender your desire to govern yourself and acknowledge my leadership in your life. Surrender to my joy, my happiness, my peace, my patience, my kindness and my compassion, and discard your former way of living.

For though I have revealed myself to you, even still you barely know me. So come with me, and forget your worries, your strife, and your fears. Forget all your devices you have constructed to hide and distance yourself from me, and come away with me in secret. We will sit together, sharing all the personal details in our all-consuming love for each other. And you will know me and see me as I am, and will do so without apprehension or fear or misunderstanding. I will reveal the very most secret and personal desires of my heart to you, and you will come to know me and love me. And as you do I will show you my heart, but I will also show you my plans.

I will show you my plans, but you will understand them differently for you will see and know my heart. You will not know me from a distance, able to only observe the outcome and the results. You will know me intimately, knowing not only the plans and the deeds, but also the motivation and inspiration behind them.

And as a result you will interpret the waves very differently. You will see and know more clearly, more righteously, more accurately. You will discern with greater clarity because I have revealed myself to you, removing doubt and uncertainty, for you will know my plans and my will, as well as my heart.

You will abide in my love, no longer wavering back and forth in fear and doubt. As you continue to know me more and more, you will forget your fears. You will forget your hesitancy and will let go of all the habits you have learned in your former way of living as we continue to dwell together in perfect union and harmony.

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