Perfect Unity And Fellowship Together

Neil Vermillion —  October 14, 2016 —  Comments

Reside in my security and safety, for I will not waver. I have seen you for what you really are, and I have loved you even still. I have seen your depravity and have responded with remedy. I have observed your heartache, and have responded with wholeness. I have noticed the hurts, lies, and misunderstandings, and have responded by removing the veil. And now you are able to look and to see without hindrance, without obstruction, able to receive all I have for you without measure.

So now that you are able, make time to gaze. Now that the barrier has been removed allow yourself the much needed time to soak and absorb what I have for you. For there is more than you can fully understand or consume all at once. There is more than can be recognized and understood with mere lip service. For the desires I’ve given you are so much bigger, yet you settle for so much less. You have capacity to experience so much, yet you trade it away for a bowl of soup.

But I will remain faithful, and I will continue to love, protect, support, and provide for you time and time again. And though the world and your experiences do not always line up with your expectations, know I have heard you, I have received you, and I am well aware of all you are going through. So allow the healing qualities of my presence begin to melt away the misunderstandings so that your perception will be more clear.

And from this clarity you will be able to make righteous judgments. You will be able to advance slowly and gradually in the right direction, no longer floundering around in confusion or delusion. For my truth will show you the right path, and will make your decision clear. And the weight of my joy will overwhelm you. The weight of my goodness will relax you. The peace of my presence will entice you and you will find your full satisfaction in me.

So open your heart to me in this very moment, for I desire to bring you closer to me than you have previously considered. I desire to bring you closer than you thought possible, as we abide together in perfect unity and fellowship together.

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