Perpetual Peace When You Need It Most

Neil Vermillion —  November 18, 2015 —  Comments

For though you have tasted my goodness, and you have tasted my peace, there is still so much in store for you to come to know. There is still so much in store for you to experience. For my peace is offered to you without end, without limit, and as you enter in to my peace and allow yourself to remain open to my spirit and receive all I have for you, you will discover there is no need to ever leave.

There is no need for you to ever leave the experience of my peace once you have entered in. For just as my mercies are new every morning, they will never run dry, never will be fully consumed or fully exhausted, so also is my peace. The peace I offer to you through our union together is not based on physical, carnal, or natural means, but is eternal, transcending your present circumstances, your present reality, allowing you to continue to remain in me in all things. And in all things we will share together from a place of peace.

My peace for you is not based on your performance. It is not based on how well you love yourself, how well you love others, how well you obey or follow all your little rules and regulations. But my peace for you will surpass all these limits and spill over into your heart and mind and soul in unexplainable ways, unimaginable ways. And for those who will simply receive and not resist, you will be able to abide in this place of peace, realizing you never have to leave.

And not only is my peace not based on your performance, but it’s also not based on your circumstances. So understand, when you need my peace the most, when things are most turbulent, most chaotic, most out-of-control, my peace is available to you. As you reach for me, you will find that not only will I extend my hand toward you in love, comfort, and acceptance, but you will also discover my hand has always been there, just waiting for you to realize and accept it. And likewise, my peace is always available to you and there is no need to wait, no need to delay, no need to prepare yourself or get yourself “ready”. For all you have to do is receive.

Accept and receive my peace day after day, hour after hour, and you will become accustomed to it. You will find my peace will bring you such comfort, and do so when you need it most. So allow yourself to enter in to the experience of my peace and do not be hasty to leave. But rather, sit with me and enjoy the peace from the union of our togetherness and fellowship and closeness. And realize, if you haven’t already, you can always enjoy my peace regardless of what else may be happening, or not happening, in your life.

So I am offering you not just excellent peace, but perpetual peace – peace that not only knows no bounds, but peace that has no limits, peace that remains and does not diminish nor expire. For some this will be difficult to grasp and comprehend. But as you continue to experience this again and again, you will come to realize my peace is not temporary, is not small, is not insufficient for you. And your heart will become confident of the goodness of the peace you can enjoy, the peace you were meant to enjoy and experience. And from this place of confidence you will enter in again and again until you no longer find the motivation to leave.

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