My Perseverance To Finish And Enjoy The Process

Neil Vermillion —  August 12, 2016 — Leave a comment

And not only have I given you all these things, but I have also given you the capacity to continue. I am giving you this day the power to persevere, to continue when you do not feel like you are able. Not only have I given you the discernment, wisdom, strength, and courage, but I am also giving you the necessary perseverance so that you will not only start a new thing, but also finish it.

For I know you mean well. I know you have the best of intentions. I know you do the best you can. But I also know you grow tired, and lose your way, lose your inspiration, lose your strength of stamina. So I will grant you what you lack. I will grant you what you need. I am granting you my perseverance so you will be able to not only finish, but to enjoy the process as well. For my joy will be coupled with my perseverance. My hope will be coupled with my perseverance. My enthusiasm, inspiration, and anticipation of the future will be coupled together with my perseverance so you will not only finish the journey faithfully, but enjoy the process as well.

So allow me to speak to your heart and circumstances so that I may encourage you. For encouragement is a much needed ingredient to your perseverance. Allow me to encourage your heart in the areas most private to you, the areas most dear to you, the areas you keep all to yourself. For I will breathe my life upon you and your heart will be renewed. I will breathe my life upon you and your dreams will be restored. I will breathe my life upon you and the journey will no longer seem so long, difficult, and impossible. For my breath of encouragement will give way to joy, peace, and patience as it sparks the perseverance you need in order to finish.

I see where you are, and I know from where you have come. I know where you will finish, and I know how you will do so. With all these things in mind, allow me to speak to you, and give you my perspective, my hope, my encouragement, and my perseverance. For as you allow yourself to receive all these good things from me, you will begin to look at failures, obstacles, and long distances with a fresh perspective, rooted and grounded in love, not fear, weakness, or timidity.

Know I will supply you will all these things and even more. Know I will always be with you. Know I will guide you. Know I will empower you. Know I will give you what you lack and direct your footsteps. And knowing this, continue to advance according to the leadership and guidance of my spirit, for the plans I’ve already revealed to you. Continue to go forward with boldness and confidence, for I am with you on all sides, and in every way. And if I am with you, and for you, who can stand against you?

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