Perspective To Surpass Circumstances

Neil Vermillion —  September 22, 2015 —  Comments

Though you see great turmoil, though you find yourself in the middle of stress and pressure, still I will give you rest. And as you see the troubles in this world mount up higher and higher on every side, still I will give you what you need. For in this world you will have trouble, but take heart, do not worry, do not fret, do not stress, for I have overcome this world.

For you see things from a small perspective. You see things half way, half completed. You cannot discern the middle from the end, the beginning of something good versus the end of something bad. But though you cannot understand these things, still I will give you peace. I will give you perspective to surpass your circumstances so you can find and abide in your place of rest in me.

And when you look to the right and look to the left you will see calamity, hardship, and suffering, but even still do not allow your heart to despair. For I am greater than these things. My truth is greater than these things. And though these things are very real, they are only temporary. And though these things are very real, even still I will make my rest available to you.

For my rest for you is not based on circumstances. My rest for you is not manufactured by your own efforts. My peace for you is not created by how much you know. My peace for you is not established by the surplus of perceived self-righteousness. For all of these things have already been taken care of, though this is a great mystery. And this mystery will be marveled again and again for ages to come, even for all eternity.

For I have joined myself to you in a permanent way, in a way that will not be undone. I have joined myself with you and this will never change. And in our union together you will access my rest, you will access my peace. So in spite of all you see around about you, understand you were born at this time with specific purpose, for a specific plan. And together we will work to accomplish all that has been set before you since before the beginning.

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