Pieces Of The Puzzle Will Begin To Come Together

Neil Vermillion —  December 12, 2018 —  Comments

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In this day and season I am continuing to draw you to myself in a closer, more personal way. It is my desire to reveal myself to you and to cause you to know me in greater details. For things in the past have not always made sense, and there has been times of confusion. I want to eliminate the confusion, and eliminate the hindrances in your heart that are blocking the knowledge of me, and hindering our sharing together. (1)

I am revealing many new dimensions of myself. It is a time of knowing me, coming closer to me, and understanding me on a very personal level, for you are my children. You are near and dear to my heart and it is my desire that my children know their father closely and intimately. (2)

Through this time of knowing me and receiving the heart’s revelation I have for you, you will begin to understand the timing and plans from your past. There will be hidden pieces from your past that will begin to make sense. Pieces of the puzzle of your past will begin to come together. You will begin to possess a greater understanding of some of your setbacks, and the causes of some of your delays, and the reasons why things did not turn out the way you expected. There is much in your past I want to reveal to you. There is much in your past I desire to help you to understand, so you are able to walk in greater levels of peace not only today, but in your future as well.

As you continue to know and understand me, you will naturally grow in your experience of peace. As you continue to abide in my presence, and begin to apprehend the knowledge of the empowerment of my grace already poured out upon you, surely you will grow in gratitude, but also in your capacity to engage with all I am saying, receiving it more quickly and more thoroughly. (3)

You will see how my hand has been on you for all your life and even for many years, guiding you, working within circumstances to prepare you for endeavors and experiences yet to be revealed. As you see my workings from your past, you will understand my heart for you, and understand better my plans for you. And as a result, you will increase in the security of who I am, and where we are going in the future together. (4)

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