Place Of Safety And Intimacy

Neil Vermillion —  April 19, 2019 —  Comments

There is so much still yet to be revealed to you, my Dear Ones. And many of you have a history together with me, but still many of you do not. Though you have seen me at a distance, you have not taken the time to know me, to get close to me, to build history in intimacy with me. I am awakening deep desires within my people, calling them to a place of deep intimacy with me. I am helping you say yes to my voice, yes to my spirit, yes to my call upon your hearts. (1)

This call will be subtle at times, but will also be unignorable at times. It will be strong, but will also be gentle. It will be clear, but will be nearly undetectable as well. In the midst of it all, my call will be there and you will be able to respond to it. In all these times I will confirm my love for you, my reward for you, and my desire to bring you close to me. In our closeness you will find all you desire. (2)

There is also much I have to impart to you, to share with you, and to bring to you. For the days of remaining the same are quickly coming to an end. The days of sleeping are ending as days of awakening, like it or not, ready or not, are soon approaching. (3)

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear and share this message with others. Let those with wisdom begin to take measures of preparation, and help others to prepare. Let those who discern seasons, make it clear for others and to also make themselves ready. For the days of great adventure, refinement, and transformation are soon approaching. In many ways some of you will not recognize me because you have not taken time to come to know me. I will seem foreign, bizarre, and unrecognizable because I am not like the little idols with whom you are so well acquainted with. (4)

Understand, my Dear Ones, all this harshness is for the sole purpose of awakening you. It is only for the purpose of quickening you. It is only for the purpose of perspective to help you, to prepare you, to assist you in the storms in the days soon coming. Despite all the storms, despite all the hardships, know I am still here for you. I am calling you to come to my side, in the place of safety so we can weather the storm together. I am drawing you to my side, to drink deeply from the grace and fountain of my joy to sustain you through all hardships. (5)

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