Place Your Hope In Me

Neil Vermillion —  August 2, 2019 —  Comments

The plans I have in my heart no one knows. All the details, sequences, and components cannot be accounted within the plans I have already mapped out. There is no one able to stand before me to offer their counsel. There is no one able to improve my ways, nor improve my methods, nor find any fault with my plans and the results they produce. There is no one who can stand in my presence to offer any kind of correction. (1)

Though you know this to be true in your minds, many of you do not fully believe this in your hearts. I stand before you today offering you the option to follow me whole-heartedly in all your ways and in all things. In all things I am greater than you, and in all things I am wiser than you. I will work all things together for your good as you remain faithful and follow me, and no one could do it better. (2)

I see your pain, and I see your heart ache. I know the frustration you possess and experience. Not only do I see all these things, but I also see the beginning, middle, and end of it all. I see you finished. I see all the maturity of the processes in which you are currently experiencing. I see what makes sense, and what does not. I see what has been completed, and what has yet to emerge. Even though you desire to follow and obey, oftentimes you lack the perspective to inspire you. Even though you desire to walk the path of righteousness, frequently you are easily distracted, and allow trivial and temporary factors to dilute your zeal and judgment. (3)

With this in mind, allow me to refine the issues of your heart and mind this day, so you will have perspective. This perspective will give you motivation and discernment that will enable you to finish your journey and accomplish your goals. Let go of distractions as you let go of things that weigh you down. My plans for you are to be light and easy. My plans are for you to carry a load that is easy to manage. (4)

So put your trust in me. Place your hope in me. Deny the things before your eyes that offer a false sense of hope for you. Deny the deception of their promised salvation and wisdom, for these things will distract you, or lead to your demise. These things will not lead you to my everlasting glory to which you have been invited to enjoy and participate in. Only in me will you find the hope and peace you are looking for. Only in me will you find salvation, rest, and protection from your weariness, disease, and sins. (5)

So rejoice, for in this day you have been presented with the option to choose again, to deny yourself, to deny distractions, and to deny deceptions as you accept all I have before you, even the mystery of the unknown. (6)

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