My Plan For Your Life Is Far Superior

Neil Vermillion —  January 11, 2017 — Leave a comment

As you continue to say yes to my spirit I will continue to inspire you. I will cause you to climb heights you would have never climbed on your own. I will cause you to venture to regions you would never have explored on your own. I will cause you to meet people you would otherwise not have encountered on your own. So even though you feel my will for your life at times is a big sacrifice, requiring you to lay down your cherished idols, understand my will and plan for your life is far superior to what you would conceive for yourself.

For I will delight you in unimaginable, inexpressible ways. I will cause your mind to marvel and wonder at the thoughts and concepts I will share with you. Your heart to be overloaded with the tsunami of emotions in store for you. For I have known you since before you were knit together, and I know all too well how to delight you and satisfy you.

And it is my good pleasure to bring you the delights and desires of your heart. It is my good pleasure to bring you the fullest capacity, the fullest expression, of the bliss and happiness I have for you. So as you hear my voice, and see my hand, know I am bringing you to this place of ultimate joy, ultimate peace, ultimate satisfaction, even though the path I have chosen for you may not look like the path you would have chosen for yourself.

But in spite of these temporary and trivial adversities you experience, understand I am the Good Shepherd, willing to lay down my life for you. And in doing so, I will be not only your protector and provider, but will be your guidance too. So trust in me with all that is within you. Trust in my character, and in my heart for you. For if I am willing to lay down my life for you, will I not also give you smaller, simpler, easier things as well?

Do not let the mindsets of the day clutter the sound of my voice. Do not let the noise that is so popular cloud your vision. For I am moving you in the direction you need, the direction you want, even though you may not fully realize it just yet.

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