The Plans I Have For You Are Greater Than You Could Ask, Imagine, Or Perceive

Neil Vermillion —  June 26, 2017 — Leave a comment

In this day I am also not only awakening old desires, and resurrecting dreams of your youth, but I am also igniting new perspective within you. And with this new perspective you will be able to process your present day reality very differently in the context of the call upon your life. For I have developed you and mature you over the years. I have grown you and prepared you for this very day. I have taken what was small within you and have enabled it to grow and mature, and in doing so equipped you with what you will need for today, as well as for tomorrow.

The plans for your destiny have never changed. Your understanding, your interpretation, your individual expression of my plans may have changed, but my plans for your life have never changed. I have not had to recreate my Original Intent with you, for any reason. Trust me as I inspire you to revisit things of old. Trust me as I inspire you to move in directions that seemed to have been unfruitful in your past. Trust me as I inspire you to resurrect old dreams and join them together with your current, present day goings on.

For I have never changed my mind about you, nor my plans for you. Understand I am maintaining the Original Call upon your life. I am maintaining the Original Desires I have placed within you, even though the expression of today is somewhat different than the expression of years past.

So do not be disillusioned by this. Do not be confused by this, as if you have somehow made a mistake too big for me to correct. Do not be alarmed, as though you were ever required to fully possess the knowledge and understanding of every single component of my plans and my timing for your life.

But rather, receive what I have for you with simplicity, knowing I am guiding you, speaking to you, and revealing to you. I am making inspiration new and available to you. I am supplying you with answers you need. I am opening doors of opportunity and relationship before you this very day, and I am doing so in conjunction to what I have always planned for you.

Embrace what I am saying like a child, without exhaustive research or analysis. Accept the reality of where you are, and how you will grow and develop, knowing the plans I have for you are greater than you could ask, imagine, or perceive. Do not presume what you have seen and understood in your past is the fullness of all I have for you, but understand there is still so much more in store for you.

And in this understanding, expect I am giving you more, and will continue to give you more. I am giving you new things, as I simultaneously strengthen and maintain things of yesterday too. Walk with me, and trust in me in all things, especially what seems to be contradictory, counter-intuitive, and unorthodox.

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