My Plans Will Be Accomplished

Neil Vermillion —  March 23, 2016 —  Comments

Understand that in spite of your mistakes, failures, and shortcomings I am with you still. In spite of your greatest blunders my plans will still be accomplished. In spite of your misunderstandings, even your rebellion, my will is still going to be accomplished. So lay the burden down of relying on your own performance, your own means to create your redemption and your salvation.

For these things have been taken care of. These things have already been planned and scheduled even since before the foundations of the Earth. So do not worry. Do not fret. Do not fear you will miss the good things in store for you. Do not focus your attention and energy on your mistakes, but focus on the great potential you have been given.

Continue on the path and direction I have set your feet upon. For I am guiding you this day. I am taking you in the direction I have for you according to my plans. Even though you do not always understand why these things are happening, trust I am with you, guiding you, directing you, protecting and sustaining you.

For all these things are working for your good. And in the end all these things will be redeemed, even your mistakes, even your terrible blunders. So allow yourself the liberty to enjoy your journey and enjoy your process. For there is so much for you to experience along the way.

There is so much joy and excitement and wonderment for you if you will not be focused on the mistakes you have made. So put your eyes on the good, on the beauty, on the mystery, on the final outcome, and do not allow the joy of today to be robbed from you. For in this very moment, there is greatness available to you. In this moment there is joy unspeakable available to you. In this moment there is hope that will revive and sustain you for years to come.

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