My Plans Will Surely Manifest

Neil Vermillion —  June 23, 2016 —  Comments

Even though you feel you are late, even though you feel you have not yet arrived at your destination, do not be anxious. For my timing in your life will prove to be supreme. You will see my hand move in your circumstances and will see all the things you’ve waited for come to their fruition in their due season. I know you are tired. I know you have waited for so long already. I know the wait seems too much. But do not worry, and do not fret, for in the right time I will make all things new again.

And when you possess it, when the fulness of your waiting has come, the time spent waiting will seem so brief. The time spent searching, hoping, dreaming, and believing will not seem so great in comparison to the glory and fulfillment of what will be revealed. And though it seems heavy now, the burden of waiting will be removed, and your memory of it will remembered as being so very light.

So though you’ve sought me time and time again, and though you’ve given up hope in many areas of your life due to the extended time spent waiting, do not allow the love and hope in your heart to grow cold. Do not let the fire burn out. For I have seen your tears, and I have seen the delays. I have seen the setbacks and the loss you have experienced. And though these things are very real, so also is my hope very real.

My plans for you were not given only to irritate and frustrate you. But they have been given to guide you, to inspire you, to motivate, and keep you. So do not allow the love and hope to grow cold in your heart. For my plans for you will surely come about and manifest in their due season, according to the timelines active and relevant for you, and your life, and season.

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