Possessing And Retaining A Flexible Mindset

Neil Vermillion —  May 12, 2016 —  Comments

And though you are moving quickly, and you are moving bigly, do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed. Do not presume the habits or mindsets of the past will be adequate in these present days. Instead, look for innovation. Look for a new ways to accomplish what you are already familiar with. Look for new methods, new thinking, and new unions through righteous relations. For these will be the harbingers and delivery mechanisms through which the fullness of these days will be served, revealed, and accomplished.

Realize these are my plans for you. Realize they always have been my plans for you. Realize you have been prepared for this time, and you are ready for these moments. Embrace the day, and embrace the hour, regardless of the clouds you see on your horizon. For it will be easy for you to misunderstand if you navigate solely by the flavor of the day, rather than the barometer of the future. As you recall lessons from your past, allow these to speak to your mind today. Allow the lessons of the past to inform your heart and reveal truth that has been hidden within you, waiting to be hatched for this very moment.

You are ready, so do not hesitate. Do not hold back. Do not be apprehensive, but run with swiftness and diligence with your sword in your hand, and a smile on your face.

But also hold on to the lessons you will learn today. For in this season, though significant, you will continue to be prepared for what is still yet to come. Do not look to today as a permanent fixture, but rather a temporary plateau. Understand today’s experiences will serve to prepare you for tomorrow, for the things yet to come, the things yet to be revealed.

The experiences you encounter today will spawn the lessons you will learn tomorrow. And the lessons you learn tomorrow will soon become the lessons you learned in your past. For you will advance and you will continue to progress because these are my plans for you. I will continue to advance you and I will continue surprise and inspire you. So be aggressive in learning. Soak up as much as you can. For in this time you will be exposed to much, but most of it will be new.

You will have to possess and retain a flexible mindset in order to fully cooperate with the movement of my spirit in these present days. For the innovations will look similar to the activities of yesterday, but they will not be the same. They will have an appearance of familiarity, but they will be different. So do not approach these days in the same manner you have approached days passed. Look to innovation. Look to new ways, and new mindsets. Look to these things and keep your mind flexible as I continue to reveal details and signposts along the way.

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