The Precursor To What Is Too Wonderful To Describe

Neil Vermillion —  January 5, 2018 — Leave a comment

The realm of the unknown has been set before you in no small manner. It has been made accessible to you, and is available to those who wish to acquire it. As you seek you will also find; as you knock the door will be opened; as you ask you will receive. Know you will receive all you have inquired of me, but also know you will also receive what I have in store for you too. (1)

For there are questions you have in your heart and in your mind, and they are valuable, righteous, and good, but there are also questions you have that are silly, worthless, and trivial. You will find over the course of time, the silly little questions you have today will be outgrown, and they will become irrelevant and forgotten. However, the questions of lasting importance and value will remain with you.

These are the questions I will foster within you. These are the worthwhile pursuits that will bring about lasting change and abundant fruit. Be mindful in our engagement and interactions together, for I will allow you the luxury of ignoring what is irrelevant, in exchange for devotion to what is. Be mindful of these things for I will educate you in these matters and will surprise you with all I am saying, revealing, and confirming.

There are also key issues of my heart I will also reveal to you and uncover before you. There are issues and questions in your heart, and they will be addressed, but there are also issues, ideas, and sentiments I will share with you. In this process you will begin to scrape the surface of the greater glory waiting to be fully revealed, for there is a greatness within you that you do not yet fully perceive or appreciate.

I will begin to teach you about true, worthwhile, and lasting mysteries. I will afford you the luxury of ignoring the shallow, silly, and worthless things in exchange for attention and devotion to what is truly powerful, wonderful, and amazing.

In this process of growth & revelation, I will be very patient with you, just as always. I will continue to embrace you moment by moment, and will demonstrate my great love, but also my great acceptance, kindness, gentleness, and patience too. I will show you my fierceness, but you will not taste it. I will show you my great power, but it will not harm you. I will show you my great strength, but it will not crush you. And with this understanding you will begin to esteem the tools given you, as well as the majesty of the ingredients given you, very differently.

By taking assessment and inventory of the tools and ingredients you possess, you will begin to discern and surmise a bigger outcome. Even though its fullness will remain a mystery, certain aspects will become undeniable and obvious to you. Because you will come to know without any doubt these aspects, your heart will be overjoyed with eager anticipation in direct proportion to the greater joy set before you, and revealed to you, regarding what is yet to come.

All these things will serve as mere icons and inadequate shadows of what is still in store for you. Even though inadequate they will delight and amaze you. Though inadequate, they will be marvelous and beautiful to behold. What I am setting before you this day is not the answer, but the precursor to it. And though it is only the precursor, it is even still too wonderful to describe, too amazing to behold in its fullness.

(1) Matthew 7:7-8

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