Preparation For Today And Tomorrow

Neil Vermillion —  February 4, 2019 —  Comments

You are presently in a stage of preparation. You are being prepared for the challenges and tasks of tomorrow. You are at the starting line, preparing for the day, but also what lies in store for your immediate future as well. Today all the experiences and lessons you have learned have set you on course for the place you are in today. It is all part of my plan and part of my path for you. (1)

Also know all these things have been set into motion long ago and even still are moving at the prescribed rate and time according to my plans for you. Nothing catches me by surprise. Nothing is beyond the realms of my plans for you. So know as you continue to step out in faith, following as best you can, I am with you in all things and taking you to new heights and new levels of understanding. (2)

For there are some lessons you are learning that are learned by spirit, not by your mind, and I am working to bring you to the place of complete preparation. Some experiences you have gone through were not to train your mind, but to train your heart, to train your spirit, and to prepare you for days yet to come. And for this reason, some experiences seem odd to you and do not make sense to you. While this is very true, do not think they are a waste or that they serve no purpose, for I am working to transform you little by little, day by day and prepare you so you can reach your fullest potential possible. (3)

As you hear the whistle blow and see the race begin to start, know you have been prepared. You have been trained and equipped for the tasks at hand before you today. You are in a place and a state of being that will be able to handle all that comes your way. But also know, you are simultaneously being prepared and trained for things in store for tomorrow as well. (4)

In all the trainings and all the experiences of your past, you will continue to see the value of them over the years as you continue to progress and move higher and higher in me. You will see how valuable even the little things have been in setting you on the right course so you can accomplish the goals set before you. There is much work to be done in the days ahead, and it is part of my plan to help you, to train you, and to prepare you along the way so you will succeed in all these things. As you continue to look to me, surely I will guide you and bring you through the dark times, and lead you to the place of green grass and still waters. (5)

(1) Philippians 1:6, 2 Corinthians 4:17-18
(2) James 4:13-17, Ephesians 2:10
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(4) 1 Corinthians 9:24
(5) Matthew 9:37, Psalm 23:2

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