Preparation For The Seasons Of Tomorrow

Neil Vermillion —  May 13, 2016 —  Comments

As you continue to keep yourself active, productive, and busy about the tasks at hand, and the work for the day, continue to keep your eyes open. Do not presume you already possess the complete understanding of this moment or even this hour. For there are many signs that will pass you by if you are unaware. It will behoove you greatly to be both diligent as well as observant in these days.

I have accelerated you and I have promoted you. You will be in a new space, a new realm, a new territory, and a new experience, and your tendency will be to revert to old habits as you continue to navigate this new landscape. And this is good, and this is understandable. However, this will also be insufficient, for there will be additional revelation given you moment by moment. Do not presume you have fully understood and digested all the details even though so much has been given you. There is also much yet to be revealed.

So as you are moving, driving, and advancing keep your eyes and ears open. For I will speak to you. I will guide you. I will continue to shine my light upon your path and you will come to know the direction you should travel, as well as the time in which you should travel. As you continue to remain flexible, also remain observant and responsive as I continue to speak and guide. For I am teaching you now, and I am revealing lessons to you now, and you will need to soak up as much as you can in order to thrive in this day, and in order to prepare yourself for the seasons of tomorrow.

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