Prepare Yourself, Knowing I Am With You

Neil Vermillion —  April 30, 2018 — Leave a comment

In this day do not be overwhelmed by the turmoil, chaos, and confusion you see and experience. Do not be afraid, for the chaos is a result of the transition of this season. Do not be overwhelmed, for though the turmoil is real, it is also temporary. These days of difficulty are not permanent, although they will last longer than you would prefer. Though they are not permanent, they are significant. So be aware of all that is swarming around about you. Be aware of what I have begun to emphasize in your circumstances. Be aware of your neighborhood and your community, for you will see my hand at work in more than just your individual life, but in the lives and circumstances of those surrounding you as well. (1)

Even though these things are difficult, and the outcome seems uncertain, I have a plan. While there seems to be chaos, remember I have a plan that is greater than any temporary chaos you will encounter. Though you will experience hardship, particularly in this time of transition, know I am with you, loving you, guiding you, instructing you, and preparing you too. I am with you in all these things, and walking with you in the growth and development of not only today, but also in setting the stage for what is yet to come in your future. (2)

See the storm clouds in your horizon and take shelter. Be alert, and also be wise. See the day in which you live, and the climate and the culture of the day, and be wise. Be prepared and be wise as you rest and trust in me. Do not be afraid, but do not be asleep either. Do not be worried, as if your worry can add a single day to your life, but make yourself ready and do all you can to stand. (3)

In this you will engage with me. You will encounter and experience me. You will share your heart and circumstances in me, with me, and will do so generously without the hindrance of previous limitations. So activate yourself, but also trust. Do not resort to fear or impatience. Prepare yourself, knowing I am with you now, just as I always have been, just as I always will be. (4)

(1) Romans 8:18
(2) 1 Peter 4:12
(3) Ephesians 6:13, Luke 12:25
(4) Hebrews 12:1-3

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