Prepare Yourself To Discover The Real You

Neil Vermillion —  December 7, 2015 —  Comments

As you step out past the norm, into that which is beyond your natural means of comprehension, you will discover an entire new realm. But though this realm is new to you, it has always been there, has always been available to you. For even today I am calling you out, to venture into the deeper things, past the confines of your natural realm and out into the eternal. For the deep things of my spirit are calling out to the deep things I’ve placed within you. And these deep things, these deep longings, will never be satisfied with superficial, carnal substitutes.

Embrace the mystery set before you, and advance yourself to the edge of reality. And as you do, prepare yourself to discover the real you. For as you tread past what is common you will begin to touch and discover me in reality, without apologies, without hindrances. And as you discover me in this way you will see yourself with my eyes and will discover the real you, your Eternal Self. For you are a new creation and I have done away with the things of your former life. As you see yourself through my eyes you will no longer continue to identify with your former way of living.

For your new nature will be your second nature – your first nature inherited from Adam, and your second nature inherited from the Second Adam. And the revelation and understanding of your Second Nature will completely shift your perception of yourself, the world, and your neighbors.

So open your heart and so you may conceive what I am saying to you this day. Do not hinder, do not hamper, do not suppress what I am saying, but receive and digest it. For it will be life to you. It will be freedom to you. It will be fulness of joy, and hope immeasurable. For the glory revealed will not only sustain you today, but will propel you tomorrow as well. And in all these things you will find I am with you, I am near you, and nothing will be able to separate us.

There is nothing you could ever do to cause my love for you to increase. For I love you fully already. I love you without hesitation already. I love giving no apprehension how you will ever repay me, having no ledger of rights and wrongs, having no limits to the patience with which I will wait upon you, My Dearly Beloved.

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