Pressing Past The Limits That Have Contained You In The Past

Neil Vermillion —  December 5, 2018 —  Comments

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This is a time to continue to work in the things I’ve placed before you and to remain faithful in all your ways. It is a day to look where you’ve come from and realize you’ve progressed far. It is a day to acknowledge my hand is upon you and you have made much progress over the years. Do not look to the failures of the past as final. Do not consider mistakes as permanent. Look to the lessons you’ve learned, the strength you’ve gained, and how much you’ve grown in the recent months and years not only despite, but because of, the failures and mistakes of your past. (1)

It is a time to advance and take new ground. It is a time to move beyond the limits that have contained you in the past. It is a time of assuming responsibility and presuming success, even though you are not exactly sure how it will all work out. It is a time to launch new endeavors and trust I will be with you and will guide you. Yes, there will still be struggle, and yes there will still be hardship. Do not look to the presence of these as indicators as to whether you are on the right path, or whether this is the right time. But know these things are all part of the puzzle, all part of the path, all part of the process. (2)

I am calling you now, and enabling you now, to press past limits of days of old. I am calling you to expand your territory and expand your boundaries. There are things deep within you, even hidden things, I am stirring up and revealing. As you look at your own hands and your own skills you see yourself as small, but I see what I will do through you, and I see what I will do in you. I see you finished and see the great works we will do. I am calling you to these things in this day, requiring you to move beyond the limits that have restrained you. (3)

Even in this day it may require you to use force when necessary. It may require you to sacrifice. It may require you to abandon former ways of thinking, and former ways of doing and being. Not everything will be easy. Not everything will be handed to you with no effort, even though I am with you, helping you along the way. Know in the middle of the struggle I am beside you. Know you are not alone. Trust I am guiding you even in the midst of all your confusion, even in the midst of the contradiction of circumstances you find yourself within. (4)

Surely there is resistance. There is resistance to change; there is resistance to progress; there is resistance to growth. But know I am working with you despite any and every resistance you will encounter, for I am with you, and within you, in all things, as we continue to plow new ground, and overtake obstacles, and together expand boundaries.

In these days of struggle, confusion, and expanse you will surely hear screams and cries. Many of these cries will be from loved ones and those who are close to you, for there is a discomfort required in order to fully possess the land. The weak areas will be confronted and the areas still unyielding will come to the surface. But you are not to worry, for we will deal with all these things as they come, and you will walk in freedom of all these for these are my plans for you.

So know, as you work hard to continue to expand, there will be cries and screams, and this is OK. There will be things that do not seem exactly right to your natural eyes, and things that will not make sense to your natural mind, but know I am moving and I am working. Trust in me and trust in my process. Know all these things will be accomplished at the right time, according to my plans, and my time table. (5)

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