Process To Perfect You

Neil Vermillion —  May 3, 2019 —  Comments

Open your hearts to me, allowing your emotions to run free and unhindered, for I desire to know you on an intimate level, and desire to be known by you as well. As you open your heart to me you will see all the issues come to surface. All the things you do not want to face, along with all the things that matter most to you will all come to your awareness. As this happens there will be great healing, reconciliation, and correction that will come about. As you continue to open yourself up to me completely all your questions, concerns, fears, and misunderstandings will be addressed and remedied. (1)

Some of the troubles, hurts, and obstacles you are facing are from unknown origins. There are hurts within your heart you know not where they are from. In fact, some of you are not even aware of the hurt because it has been with you for so long. It has trained your behavior, and formed your identity so much that some even believe it is part of who I made you to be.

Despite this, I will work to free you from hurts, and liberate you from limiting mindsets as you continue to allow me to work on your inner man. I will examine, correct, and heal you gently, with kindness, gradually over time. I will not harm you, but will help you as I replace of all the negative feelings, behaviors, and mindsets with all that is righteous, wholesome, and true. (2)

Know there is much liberation coming for you in days soon coming. Let me assure you, my plans for you are very different than the plans you have for yourself. My definition of liberation is very different than your definition of liberation. Even when you hear the phrase “liberation coming for you” your mind has certain preconceived notions of what this means for you individually. So while you desire to be liberated, let me address the fact that it will look very different than you are expecting or have previously anticipated. (3)

It will look so different that many of you will not recognize it. Some of you will not recognize it is my hand at work in your life. It will require my help to cooperate with what I am putting before you, so be prepared to walk the walk of faith as I continue to move. Trust in me, and understand surely I will help you in this season. I will give you my grace to cooperate with me, so you will not resist, nor reject what I am doing. (4)

Cast off your cares, worries, and fears. Do not be afraid to unplug from the busyness of your daily routine, for in these moments and occasions of uneasiness, you will find small, but significant, appointments in which we will grow closer together. Open your heart with confidence, knowing I will do a good thing. I will not cast you to the side, but will preserve, perfect, and polish you so you will shine like pure gold. (5)

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