Pruning Amidst This Season Of Advancement

Neil Vermillion —  February 2, 2016 —  Comments

In this time of advancement and adjustment do not fear things that will also be removed. For this time of promotion and activation is also a time of refinement too. So in this time, in this present day and season you find yourself in, understand I am moving you forward, advancing you, and promoting you, but also refining your environment. Do not be surprised as I take circumstances to a new direction, and do not be surprised as I trim the fat. For this season of advancement will require efficiency, carrying no excess baggage, no excess weight.

It is in kindness I am refining your circumstances. I am removing that which you have outgrown, that which is no longer necessary, that which serves no purpose no longer. So do not hesitate to let go of things, circumstances, activities – even relationships – in this season as you see me moving in your circumstances behind the scenes in your life. For I am cutting away what is not needed, and it will be a blessing to you. It will sustain you and allow you to move without hindrance, without wearing you down. So observe this in your life and accept it. Cooperate with it.

And though there will be sentiments because it is familiar, do not be tempted to continue to hold on. For what I am giving you, and the places I am bringing you, are far greater than what I am removing from you. As you see people move away, understand this is not a bad thing. As you see doors being closed, understand this is not a bad thing. As you see habits and mindsets from your past fade away, understand this is not a bad thing. These things being removed from your life will serve you and bless you. So observe what I am doing in the cutting of and removal, and accept it, and cooperate with it in this present season.

For in this acceptance you will receive the fulness of what I have for you in the future. Your present circumstances will flourish and blossom, but your future will be even more fruitful and productive. So allow me to trim the fat in your life. Allow me to prune that which is no longer necessary and no longer serves you. For in this pruning you will be blessed, and you will grow to bear even more fruit.

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