Pure And Honest Revelation And Understanding

Neil Vermillion —  February 27, 2017 — Leave a comment

I am unfolding the lines of your linear thinking and allowing you to drink from me in greater capacity than in your past. For you sought me, but you did so from a distance, with tethers around your ankles. But today I am removing your tethers and beckoning you to come to my side. For in our closeness together you will share in the delight of our friendship and fellowship together, and I will not turn you away or hold you back.

For I came to set you free – free in every way. I have made myself available to you without limit, without hindrance, without any sort of governance or regulation. So know you have already been unshackled, and know you will find your total and complete and lasting fulfillment in me. Know I will not turn you away, but will invite you close to my side, near my very heart, where you will find your delight time in and time out.

So enjoy the freedom set before you, for you have been granted freedom in every way. Enjoy my invitation to drink deeply from my cup, for you will find I am like no other. And the notions and misunderstandings you presently hold in your mind will all be exposed, addressed, and corrected as you see me as I truly am. For in the light of my presence there will be no misunderstanding, no deception, but pure and honest revelation and understanding.

So enjoy what I have for you this day, and do not restrain yourself. For I have called you to drink, and to drink deeply and frequently. Come to me and indulge yourself in all I have to offer, for you will find I am more desirable than gold, and even sweeter than honey. Come to me, and do not hesitate, but throw off your restraints, inhibitions, and cares. Loose yourself, and your dignity, as you frolic and play in the glory of my presence, where you will discover and enjoy the total freedom and liberty already given you.

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