Pursuing The Vision And The Work Planted Within Your Heart

Neil Vermillion —  February 25, 2016 —  Comments

daily prophetic word caption
As you activate your faith stepping forward you will find I will continue to bring more and more clarity to you. I will continue to reveal detail after detail of my will for you in this moment.

I know you want to have it all. You want to have all the plans, all the items, all the people, all the appointments. You want to analyze, judge, and evaluate them all. You want to control and you want to dominate. But in this day and season there are many, many details that have been withheld from you. So don’t be discouraged because the path before you is dimly lit. Do not be fearful or hesitant to advance in this present moment. For as you advance more insight will be given, and as you advance you will begin to see more and more. You will understand the beauty and design of my perfect timing in your life.

Know I have given you only pieces. Do not presume you have been given everything. Do not presume you have been given the full perspective. Do not presume you know everything about what I’ve already shown you. For there are so many details and so many additions yet to be revealed and given to you as well.

So keep your load light. Keep your mindset flexible. Keep yourself in check, ready to respond to what I am about to unfold before you. Keep yourself busy with the work I’ve called you to do, and ask of me the details you are lacking. Ask of me the things you need, and do not yet possess. Ask of me and I will give to you. I will give you the strategy and the insight. I will give you the perspective and the understanding. I will give you the opportunity, and the timing. I will give you what you need. I will supply you with what you are lacking.

So step out, move your feet, move your hands, and do not look back. Move forward, understanding the little understanding you have now is sufficient to get you started. The little vision you’ve been given is not your full capacity for understanding, nor was it ever intended to be. What you’ve been given is sufficient to launch you out, to advance you forward, and to get you started. So understand this, and take that step of faith, pursuing the vision and the work I’ve planted within your heart, the work before you this very day.

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