Pursuit And Development Of All That Is Within You

Neil Vermillion —  July 26, 2017 — Leave a comment

I have put a prolific nature within you. I have put the capacity for production and accomplishment within you. I have given you the talent and capacity, but have also given you the desire and motivation too. Do not shy away from this aspect of your nature, for you will encounter many blessings as you surrender to it. Not only will you encounter blessings, but you will also function as a blessing to those around about you, to those in need of your gifts, your perspective, and your contribution.

Do not be shy, nor selfish, by denying the motivations and calls manifesting in your own heart and mind. Do not hide your light under a bushel, but instead pursue and proclaim all I have given you, so you may continue to expand, develop, and increase, as well as serve others in a greater, more meaningful capacity and contribution. Know I have given you these desires and inclination not to frustrate you, but to empower you. I have given you the bird’s eye view so you will have sufficient perspective so you will not become lost in the forest amongst the trees. And with this bird’s eye perspective you will see your timeline with clarity and accuracy, and in doing so will be able to follow the inspiration of my spirit with greater unity and harmony.

As you continue to endeavor forward one day after the next, remember where you started from, but also remember where you are headed. For in the understanding and remembrance of your destination you will be empowered to embrace, not only the challenges you will certainly encounter along the way, but also the surprises too. By remembering where you started from you will be able to see your trajectory as I highlight the right path for you. And as you consider your destination you will be able to navigate the routine tasks as I adjust and correct your thinking for this present season.

Walk with me as I speak to you. Receive what I have for you in this moment, for tomorrow is a new day yet to come, and yesterday is a time the exists no more. So abide with me in this present moment, as we walk together in the adventure of pursuit and development of all that is within you.

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