The Pursuit And Devotion Of Lesser Things

Neil Vermillion —  April 17, 2017 —  Comments

You know where you are, and you understand the task of the day. You see the workload ahead of you, and with understanding you plan and scheme how to accomplish. But in this way, allow yourself also to enjoy and recreate. For in doing so you will transcend the limits of your previous years’ experiences and abide with me in a union far greater than what you previously considered.

You previously thought I would be with you sometimes, and leave other times. You previously thought I would walk in and walk out, based on behaviors, and preconceived guidelines of what I find tolerable, offensive, or pleasing. With this mindset involved there is a distortion created when I say, “I love you”. When I say “I will never leave you” there is a distortion and noise in the message. When you relate to me, you do so looking through a fragmented window, seeing things unclearly and disproportionately.

So allow me to open this window for you, so there is no obstruction. Allow me to give you the fresh air you want and need. Allow me to remove, not only the limits and hindrances, but also the conventional norms that create inaccurate expectations and presumptions. For these constructs and norms serve as guidelines, and even though they have their place and can be useful, they also lend themselves to erroneous thinking, creating imbalances founded on half-truths.

So allow me to bring the correction and adjustment needed, particularly in the issues of your heart. For your mind is agile, and you are able to receive new information. But the issues of the heart are often complicated, and not always resilient and flexible, able to make adjustments when changes are needed. As you trust me over the course of time, I will help you along the way, so that even your rebellion and disobedience and resistance will be corrected and will not cause legitimate disqualification.

For I am greater than these things. I am greater than your confusion. I am greater than your rebellion. I am greater than you reluctance and fear. I am greater than your ignorance, and misunderstanding. I am greater than all these things individually or collectively.

So do not continue to put your trust and faith in these notions, even though you have experienced them in the past. Though they are familiar and known to you, they are inadequate to hide you and separate you from my great and perfect love for you. Do not continue to agree with them, nor invest in them, for they will surely fail you. Instead, rely on me, lean on me, trust in me, and allow my great love to overtake, amaze, sustain, and enamor you, ruining you for the pursuit and devotion of lesser things.

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