The Pursuit Of Knowing Me Will Not Expire

Neil Vermillion —  January 20, 2017 — Leave a comment

As you seek me in your heart, in your daily life, in your times of need and despair, in your times of joy and celebration, you will come to find I am already there. For there is no place I am not. There is no space I do not occupy. There is no concept I do not already know and possess. There is nothing I have ever discovered, nothing I have ever learned. So as you seek me, understand I am the one who has already sought you. I am the one who has known you since before your beginning, birthed from my heart in love, bringing you to your present state. I know you better than you know yourself, and love you better than you love yourself.

So understand, when you seek me, and when you come to me, I am with you already. I love you already. I know you already. I know from where you have come, and I know where you are going. I have seen all these things, and even more, and have done so in greater detail than you have ever perceived. So with this in mind, come to me and seek me with great boldness and confidence, for I know you already, and I love you beyond measure.

There is no accusation against you. There is no blemish upon you. There is no condemnation disqualifying you, for all of those things have already been taken care of. So do not hesitate to seek me, especially in your time of need. Do not hesitate to receive me, as though I will turn you away, or reject you, or discard you, or abandon you. For I am already here, by your side, loving you and accepting you in this very moment.

And when you search for me you will find me. I will not hide myself from you. I will not mislead or deceive you, but I will reveal my heart to you, and you will come to know me as Father. You will come to experience my heart and my nature for you. You will experience my generosity and my loving kindness, and will do so in such great measure you will not be able to contain it, nor comprehend it all fully.

So seek me in the morning, and seek me in the evening. Seek me when you are happy, and seek me when you are tired, weary, and angry. Seek me in your times of weakness, and seek me in your times of victory. For as you seek me, you will find me. And as you find me, you will come to discover my great love for you again and again.

For this process of seeking me will never end. This pursuit of knowing me will not expire, but will continue day after day, again and again, for I am eternal, having no beginning, having no ending.

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