Pushing You In The Direction Of Your Fullest Potential

Neil Vermillion —  June 10, 2015 —  Comments

In the days in which you find yourself today I am taking your gifts and talents and developing them within you. I’m giving you space and opportunity to be able to practice and gain experience. I’m putting you in the middle of circumstances in which you will be able to exercise your talents, and develop your potential.

And in this time, you will feel stretched. You will feel as though I am giving you too much too quickly. But this is because I am stretching you. I’m allowing you to grow, and this new space will feel a bit unfamiliar to you, as compared to days in your past. For I see where you are going, and I see the potential within you. So I will work with you to assist you, to train you, to push you into the direction of your potential so you will be able to grow and flourish.

Understand these days are crucial. As you continue to step forward in the next level of your development, the next level of your training, understand these days are crucial for your development. For they will prepare you for seasons upcoming, the days of your greatest fulfillment and destiny. In these present days, remember I am with you. I am helping you. I am coaching you. I am preparing you.

And I will surprise you, and you will even surprise yourself as you step out of the boat and continue to follow my voice. For as my spirit calls out to you, you will hear me and you will follow me. And as you do, you will walk by faith, and see the unknown mysteries and surprises that have been hidden from you. Even though you have understanding and much has been revealed to you, there is still so much that has not. There is still so much that has not been revealed to you, and you will be in awe as these events unfold before you.

So trust in me, in my leadership, in my plans for you. Trust in my timing. For my grace has surrounded you and will empower you, and you will grow and you will succeed. You will overcome, even things that you failed in your past. For this is the day of expanse, and these are the days to move forward and advance, moving with confidence. For this is what I am doing in this day, in this hour!

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