Put On Strength

Neil Vermillion —  June 1, 2016 —  Comments

And today I am wiping the fog from your eyes. I am giving not only perspective, but clarity to your perspective as I bring your vision into greater focus. I am highlighting my thoughts, will, direction, and strategy to you, making it plain for you to see, and easy for you to understand. I have opened your ears, but now I am opening your understanding and discernment too. I am allowing you to not only see, but to understand what you are seeing.

With this in mind, walk in confidence knowing I am your loving shepherd. Know I am with you, guiding you, even keeping you on the right path. Know this is not your battle, but mine. Know these are not your ideas, but mine. Know these are my desires, and I have revealed them to you. So do not suppose you have created these things, or that it is up to you to cause them to develop or manifest. Do not suppose the results or outcome are solely dependent upon your performance. For in doing so you carry a burden too heavy for you to lift.

Instead of carry these heavy things enter my rest. Rest with me, and enjoy our fellowship and friendship together. Enjoy the good things I have freely made available to you. Enjoy the riches and benefits set before you, and do not be tempted to carry things that will only weigh you down.

Come to me and cast your worries at my feet. Come to me and discard your hurts and disappointments at my feet. Turn your back on your past, and embrace your future, looking forward to the bright potential I have given you. Move with swiftness and deliberate focus. Move with conviction, knowing you’ve been called with a purpose. Move with joy, knowing you are not alone, but that we share all these things together, and with others too.

So discard the gloom of the morning in which you find yourself sitting this day. Put on strength as I continue to reveal layer after layer of revelation and understanding to you. For in this understanding you will also receive my hope, my perspective, my confidence, and my joy.

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