Reach For Me And I Will Reach Back To You

Neil Vermillion —  July 23, 2019 —  Comments

Even though you do not feel great, there is greatness within you. Even though you feel you are going nowhere, know you are progressing along the path marked out for you. Even though you experience delays and obstacles, and it seems you will never make it to your destination, trust I have everything marked out for you. Trust I am guiding you along the way little by little, day by day. (1)

You do have proper perspective to assess your progress, or evaluate your pace. You cannot accurately see where you are within the larger context. With this in mind, do not be discouraged, but know I have all things considered and taken into account. In many ways you do not see your rate of advancement, so you how could you feel discouraged about making no progress? There will be delays and there will be hardships, but do not allow your heart to become troubled by these things. (2)

As you reach out to me and allow my perspective to be made known to you, you will begin to see things differently. You will begin to feel differently about your present circumstances as you compare yourself from within a larger context. You will being to abide in the hope I have given you, and be less prone to the discouragement of the day as the revelation given you by my spirit speaks truth, love, hope, and perspective. (3)

The present circumstances will not give you the perspective you need in order to understand. Your present circumstances will not activate the hope placed deep within you, nor remind you of my words and promises I have given you already. So sit with me and listen to my counsel. As you receive my revelation you will begin to understand things from my perspective. Only by my spirit will your hope remain alive in you. Only by my spirit will you possess, but also maintain, the proper perspective of where you are. (4)

The things of this world, and the resistance you experience would seek to shut down, and repress the greatness and glory hidden within you. These things would do their part to delay and even stop the greatness planted within you. Even though it is present, the greatness within you is not sitting at the surface. In fact, it is hidden within you so deeply, many of you do not even know about it. Know about it or not, it is there. So trust in me in all your times of confusion, calamity, and hurt. In your times of disappointment, and seemingly never-ending delay, reach for me, and I will reach back to you. (5)

The greatness planted within you was given you for a purpose and a plan, and will come about in due season. Be the faithful farmer who will do his part to tend to the field, water the seeds, remove the weeds, and protect and preserve the crops. These Faithful Ones will reap not only a harvest, but a large bounty of their harvest, reaping over one hundred fold return for their labor. While the labor seems difficult and painful now, as in childbirth, this labor and discomfort will quickly be forgotten at the time of maturity and delivery of your reward. (6)

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