Your Real Reward And Treasure

Neil Vermillion —  March 2, 2017 — Leave a comment

As you sit with me, day after day, year after year, you will grow in your confidence and trust in, not only my plans for your life, but in my character too. Initially you come to me to learn of my plans, and to learn of my ways. You come to me to seek help, and to find the answers to your problems. You come to me to inquire of your future, and to find solutions to pressing problems. But as you continue to grow in your experience of who I am, the emphasis and importance of these things will begin to fade. For these things are small in comparison to knowing who I am. Knowing me will be your ultimate reward, and this will become more and more apparent as the temporal relevance of your problems pass away over the course of time.

For as you come to know me, you will seek my plans for your life less and less. Your desire to know and control the future will diminish as you experience my love for you and come to experience and know my heart towards you. Your security and trust will gradually shift from my my plans to my character, in the knowledge of who I am, as you know me face to face. You will no longer put your trust in the plans, but will put your trust in the Plan Maker.

Likewise you will inquire less and less regarding the problems to your present situations, for you will come to know me and trust me more and more. And as you know me, you will trust in what I have for you, and will cease in your quest to know and control the answers and outcome. For you will see my heart for you, and will trust me even more than you trust in the solutions and knowledge and information I present and reveal to you.

You will begin to see how truly brief your trials and confusion is. You will see the questions that perplex you today as irrelevant for tomorrow. You will understand your timeline from the perspective of eternity, rather than the here and now. And with this understanding and perspective, you will no longer put such emphasis and importance on trivial and temporary problems, even though they are very real in the moment, for your attention and energy will shift to bigger, more important, longer lasting concerns and issues.

And as this shift of attention grows and changes over the course of time, you will gradually, and logically, shift your thinking and attention more and more to me, and who I truly am, as opposed to what I have to offer you. For though what I offer is great, your real reward, your real treasure is realized in fellowship with me, and in knowing me as I truly am, not merely as you think I am.

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