Reality And Understanding Deep Within You

Neil Vermillion —  November 30, 2016 — Leave a comment

As you sit with me today I will open up your understanding for your future. I will show you the path marked out for you, and will do so in great detail. I will show you the answers to the questions you have, and I will show you the direction in which I will move you. I will show you pictures and previews of what is yet to come, and will reveal to you how you will get there. And as you see these things your hope will increase. Your desire to follow will grow. Your motivation to endure difficulties and overcome obstacles will expand and you will no longer worry or fear today, or the things you will face tomorrow.

In our fellowship together you will enjoy the understanding and revelation I have for you. I will show you what I have planned for you, and I will show you who you are. I will reveal my plans, and the sequence in which these events will take place. And you will see, and know, and understand, and your heart will rest in safety and security. For in our fellowship together your future will be clear, the challenges and obstacles small, and the joy and confidence in which you reside will be enlarged.

So continue to sit with me, and allow me to feed you from my table. For I will feed you with all that is good for you, what will not only nourish you, but will delight you too. I will fill you beyond your capacity to receive and you will be engorged on the wine and delicacies from my table. You will be filled beyond measure with all that will delight you, experiencing the satisfaction of not only knowing, but following my will.

And your heart will remain secure and you will see the foolishness of trusting in the idols and devices of your past. And your heart will be liberated, never wanting to return to the folly of the past. And in your liberation, not only will you be free from that which harms you, but you will also be free to enjoy, imbibe, and participate in all that is good for you. Your joy will be complete, and your satisfaction will be more than you could ever imagine.

So allow me to speak to you today, and allow me to show you the plans I have in store for you. Allow me to reveal and create this understanding and reality deep within you, so it will remain and never be taken from you.

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